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!This year 2010-2011 we are happy to continue our postcards exchange project. It's our favorite project

Welcometo Israel powerpoint  for all our new friends and visitors

!We are happy to send you our warm greetings! Welcome to Israel

6th grade pupils

5th grade pupils

.Have a look at the postcards we've received already

Postcards from Poland

Here you can read the postcards from Poland

!Thank you for these wonderful postcards and letters! We are very,very happy


Postcards from Japan



Here you can read a very interesting letter by Japanese pupil Chiharu Mashima



Lake Akan on the Hokkaido island 

Postcard from Canada

Postcard from Finland

Postcard from Brazil

Postcard from USA

Postcards from Greece

        Postcard from Italy                                 


 Postcard from Germany

Postcard from Finland

Postcards from Belgium

Postcards from Portugal,Alcobaca



 Postcard from Barcelona,Spain

 Postcard from USA


 Postcard from Greece


Postcards from Macedonia 

Postcard from Russia 

Postcards from Mexico 

        Postcard from Argentina 


Our postcards in Argentina


 Postcard from Germany


 Postcard from Austria     


 Postcards from China


 Postcard from Netherlands

 Postcard from Czech Republic


 Postcard from Estonia


  Postcard from England

  Postcard from USA


           Postcard from Kansas City   


                     Postcard from Italy                                 


 Postcard from USA,Palm Bay, Florida

                                                                        Postcard from Lithuania       


Postcard from Taiwan


Postcard from Ukraine


Postcards from Serbia

!We all loved your creative postcards. Thank you very much

 .What a great bulletin board! Our postcards and letters in Serbia



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