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!Postcard Exchange Project  is an exchange project with classrooms around the world

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Project Overview-from October 1, 2009 - May, 2010 we will exchange postcards

This is a class to class postcard exchange

It would be great to have mail arrive for your class this school year,isn't it?Join our postcard exchange and share this

excitement of getting mail and learning a little about the different countries

:The pupils can write about the following

 about yourself:age,hobbies, interests 

your class and school

your community and country  

Glitter Words

       !We're looking forward to receiving your postcards soon      


Postcard Exchange Online Exercise 2009- 2010

Bulletin Board in our English Classroom


Postcards from Slovakia









Continent: Europe

Capital City: Bratislava

Biggest City: Bratislava 

Language: Slovak

Nationality: Slovak


 Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east  Hungary to the south 

 Postcards from Poland








Continent: Europe

Capital City: Warsaw

Biggest City: Warsaw 

Language: Polish



  Germany to the west

 Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south

 Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east

The Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad


Postcards from Venezuela






Continent: South America

Capital City: Caracas

Biggest City: Caracas 

Language: Spanish



    Guyana to the east 

Brazil to the south,  Colombia to

 the west. Trinida and Tobago, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados, Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the Leeward Antilles lie just north 



!Dear Maribel,send our warm greetings to all your pupils!They did a beautiful job

Postcards from USA



Biggest City

Capital City              





New York


 North America                          


 ,Dear Friends

We are a private school in Anniston, Alabama. We have 35 in the whole school. We have 10 pupils in our class.Our school has gradesK-12.Talladega Speedway is about 20 miles from us. Cheaha mountain is a beautiful place and it is about 20 minutes away.We rarely see snow. Gulf Shores is a popular beach in Alabama. We have the University of Alabamatwo hours away,and  Jacksonville State University is about 20 minutes from us.

 The cartoon character ,Popeye ,was created a few miles away  in the town of Ohatchee.The most beatiful place in Alabama in my opinion would have to be Little Greek Canyon falls. It's a long drive though.

Come see us sometime! Your new friends: Mrs. King's class, Cornerstone Academy


 Howdy! We are 3rd/4th  class from Austin,the capital city of Texas.

We are the second largest state in the U.S.A.Texas has all four natural regions- Central plains,Gulf Coastal, Mountain & Basin and High Plains. Austin is a cool city- alive music capital!Sports are big In Texas.Famous for the Dallas Cowboys,San Antonio Spurs.

It gets hot in the summer but we head to one of Austin's beautiful lakes or the TX Coast! Come visit

greetings from Oakmont School

Mrs. Ilene's Class


 !Greetings from Peoria

We are a suburb of Phoenix,the 9th largest city in Arizona,and home of Peoria Sports Complex,where the Seattle Mariners and San Diedgo Padres professional baseball teams come for spring training.We are also home of the Challenger Space Center AZ.

Our school is K-8th grade and we have 24 students in our class.

Our school's mascot is the Lobo,which means"wolf" in Spanish.

We are enjoying reading postcards from all over the world!

Mrs.Adam's 3rd grade class

Alta Loma Elementary School


 !Greetings from sunny Fort Meyers City

Fort Meyers City is in Florida.The nickname of our city is -The City Of Palms

Thomas Edison and Henry Ford spent their winters in the warm Florida sun.They invented many things,many of which are in display in their museum house here ,in Fort Meyers.

Have a great day and best wishes from Florida


 ,Dear Friends far and wide

we are the 3rd grade class in Evanston,Illinois. Evanston is just north of Chicago and on Lake Michigan. It is very cold here this time of year but in the summer it is beatiful here.The trees are very green and the lakeshore is inviting with warm sandy beaches and parks.Northwestern University is also here.We are more like a small city than a town.  There is a lot of traffic and many new tall buildings. Most of us live in apartments but some live in houses.

There are 16 students in our class and we cannot wait to hear from you!By the way,ice cream sundaes   were invented here in Evanston

your friends, Ms.Paynes's 3rd grade class


!Greetings from Kansas

Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is named after the Kansas River which flows through it, which in turn was named after the Kansa tribe, who inhabited the area. The capital city of Kansas is Topeca. The largest city is Wichita

:Kansas Symbols

Animal American Buffalo -or bison

 Bird Western Meadowlark

 Flower Sunflower

 Insect Honey Bee

 Motto -To the Stars through Difficulties

 Nicknames (most used) The Sunflower State, The Wheat State
 Song -Home on the Range"

 Tree Cottonwood



Our city,LaFayette,is located Northwest Georgia near Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga,Tennessee.We have some incredible caves to explore at pigeon Mountain. We are also close to the Chickamauga Battlefield.

The city was named of Marquis de Lafayette.We have around 7.000 citizens in this beautiful and mild temperate area.

The pictured building is at the heart of our city. Built in 1836,it is the oldest brick schoolhouse standing in Georgia. John B. Gordon was a student here and later became a Confederate General and Governor of Georgia.

!We think Georgia is a great place to live

Sincerely,Mrs.Motley's 3rd grade 



!Hello from Massachusetts

We live in Springsfield,which is the wetern part of the state,away from Boston.We are home to the Basketball Hall of Fame and Connecticat River runs through our city.

Springfield is the fictional city in which the American animated television series The Simpsons is set.

greetings from Miss Lak's class





 !Warm greetings from Pittsburg in California

Pittsburg isa great place to live in and is known for its annual

Seafood Festival

!We hope to hear from you soon

Mrs.Flores' 3rd grade Class

Los Medanos Elementary School



 !Hello from America

.We are a 4th grade class from Illinois

.We are located in the Midwest Region of the U.S.A

.South Holland is a village in Cook County

greetings from pupils of

Madison School



 !Hello from Huntington Elementary School

We are located in  Painesville,Ohio,near Lake Erie in the northeast corner of the state.

We deal with a lot of lake effect snow in the winter time until the lake freezes over then it is just plain cold-20'F or colder.

One of our favorite activities is

. sled riding

Ohio is famous for football with the hall of fame located in Canton,Ohio.We are learning about multiplication in math and reading fluency and comprehension in language arts!

An interesting fact about Ohio is that 8 presidents were born and lived in our state.



 ,Hello from Chico

.Chico is a medium-sized town of 79.000 population

The city was founded in 1860 by John Bidwell,who was  among the first emigrants to take the California Trail.

After his death,his wife Annie bequeated 2,238( almost 10 square miles of land to the city which makes up the almost 3,400 acre Bidwell Park.

Bidwell Park is ranked as the 4th largest municipal park in the U.S.One favorite pastime in an area is called "Upper Park" is disc golf.

There is a free access to this modified Frisbee/Golf game above the canyon overlooking the city.

.Chico is an agriculture and outdoor-friendly area



 ,Hello,from Quincy,Massachusetts

Quincy is the birthplace of the second and sixth U.S. Presidents ,John Adams and his son,John Quincy Adams. Quincy is located on the eastern coast of Massachussetes and is only 7 miles from Boston.

Our school, the FW Parker Elementary School,was named after the 1st Superintendent of Schools in Quincy,Col.Francais W.Parker.

There are 303 students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5 at our school.

.We enjoy math, reading and cheering for the Boston Red Sox

from, Miss Clark's Second Grade Class





Postcards from the Czech Republic

 !Thank you! We are so surprised!!! What a beautiful postcard-map we have recieved



Country:Czech Republic

Continent: Europe

Capital City: Prague

Biggest City: Prague 

Language: Czech

Nationality: Czech


           :Borders to 

Poland, Germany

Austria, Slovakia                                                   



Postcards from Croatia

!Thank You for these wonderful postcards and gifts! We are very,very happy











!Our Croatian friends sent us also their school magazine.Here is one page from it. Amazing !Thanks a lot ,dear friends




Continent: Europe

Capital City: Zagreb

Biggest City: Zagreb 

Language: Croatian

Nationality: Croatian

           :Borders to 

 Slovenia and Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, and Serbia and Montenegro to the east.


Postcards from Russia





Continent: Europe

Capital City: Moscow

Biggest City: Moscow 

Language: Russian

Nationality: Russian

           :Borders to 

  Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (both via Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea

!Thanks for your interesting letter


 Postcards from Poland

 !Special thanks to school No-1"BEST SCHOOL" from Warsaw for their wonderful post                           





Continent: Europe

Capital City: Warsaw

Biggest City: Warsaw 

Language: Polish



  Germany to the west

 Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south

 Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east

The Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad


!Thank you! Your letters are so interesting and fun