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  Alphabet song 

  ABC chant 

  ABC song 




ABC in the sea 

ABC kids 

  The ABC song  



ABC phonics chant 

 Alphabet song 

ABC words 





B-I-N-G-O 2  

B-I-N-G-O 1  




ABC jin the jungle   

Phonics chant  

Alphabet chant   



 The rainbow colors song

?What color is the sky 

Colors chant 


The paint is pink 


The butterfly colors song 



Ten little fingers 

Five little monkeys- 2 

Five little monkeys- 1 


One,one,one chant 

Ten little numbers  

Ten little indians  


Hickory dickory dock 

Ten in the bed 

One little candle 


My family

Rain,rain go away 

Family song 


Look at my family photo 

Happy family

I love my family


Mommy finger 

Family tree

Finger family 




Animal bus 

Farm animals 

Old MacDonald 



Going to the zoo-2 

Going to the zoo-1 

I am an animal 





2 -There was an old lady  

1 -There was an old lady 


You & me 

Classroom rules 

Good morning 



Keep moving 

Head, shoulders, knees & toes 

The body song 


This is the way 

Ladybug song 





Days of the week train 

Days of the week 



There are 7 days in a week 

?What comes before and after 

?...How many days 


Months of the year 

Months song 

The months song by Susan Salidor 




   The calendar song

Days of the month     

Twelve months



Four seasons 

?How is the weather 

The weather song 



Seasons song 

The seasons 





?How are you 

Hello song 

If you are happy



Hello song 


I've got peace in my fingers



You are  my sunshine 

I'm sorry

Shake a hand 



 In ,on,under, next to 

 I have a television

 Prepositions song


The wheels on the bus-2 

The wheels on the bus-1 

Transportation song 


...I get there by 


...Over the mountains 







House song 

This my house 


From head to toe

In the city 

Verb song 


Build a snowman 

I can 

.....She'll be coming round  




Clothes song 


People work 

ABC-of a friendship 

I made a mistake 




Record breakers 


One small world 




 Lisa the lemur

 The colors of mother Earth

It's up to me and you 


Earth song 

What a wonderful world 

Heal the world 



I wanna be a tree 

Tu B'shvat 

Tu B'shvat-new year of the trees 





Sukkot Song 




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